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The next generation of advanced biological fermentation reactors for vinegar production.

- High Productivity

- Vinegar output every 24 hours

- Vinegar with zero alcohol

- Very low production cost

We serve the world Vinegar Industry

acetifiers mechanochemica 

Reactor Installation

Our Fermentation Reactors are integrated units which are supplied preassembled and ready for connection to the piping system of the customer.

Expert engineers supervise the installation of the equipment at the customer’s site.

Process Design & Analysis

MechanoChemica’s Fermentation Reactor is a two stages vinegar fermentation giving a vinegar output every 24 hours. In the first stage, a prefermentation at high rate is achieved and in the second stage complete fermentation occurs giving vinegar with zero alcohol content.

All the process is automaticaly controlled with no supervision required. Extensive alcohol measurements are avoided since the first stage of the reactor ensures fermentation material for the second stage after the complete fermentation to zero alcohol. The productivity is very high due to the high rate operation of the first stage.

acetifiers mechanochemica

acetifiers mechanochemica

acetifiers mechanochemica

Reactor Fabrication

The Reactors and the control systems are manufactured in our modern premises at Oinofiyta, Greece. Engineers with expertise in the fermentation process for vinegar production design in depth all the characteristics of the system.

Modern drawing tools (CAD) ensure that every detail has been taken into consideration. The manufacture and the assembly are made by our technicians in our well equipped engineering works area, under strict controls.

Quality controls are implemented at every stage of the manufacturing procedure to guarantee that the equipment produced meets our specifications.

Reactor Design

The Fermentation reactor has a unique and inovative design to match the need for high productivity and the high quality specifications of the produced vinegar.

Our extensive research to achieve the best results, resulted to a two stages fermentation reactor.

The first stage, equipped with a smart low energy consumption and high air/liquid mixing efficiency aerator, operates at a very high rate ensuring high productivity.

The second stage completes the fermentation to vinegar at a zero alcohol level.

Vinegar production output 24 hours is achieved.